The economy in southwestern Ontario could benefit if both the loonie and the price of oil stay low in the long term. The dollar has been hovering around its lowest point in 11 years in recent days, with some experts suggesting it could still fall lower and stay low for... Read more →
With the talk of a possible recession and a federal budget that may have moved from surplus to deficit, voters and pundits will be paying close attention to the Canadian economy between now and Oct. 19. But with so many releases each month, what, in particular, should they be watching?... Read more →
When is a recession a recession? The Canadian government may be forced by its own words to admit that the country has just come through another recession. Finance Minister Joe Oliver doesn’t believe that. Many economists don’t believe it, either And as for the Bank of Canada, it believes... Read more →
On the one hand, the Conference Board of Canada’s outlook for London paints a rosy picture for 2015. On the other, it demonstrates how far our expectations have fallen in the last 10 years of economic misery. “I think overall from what I’ve seen it’s fairly accurate,” Mike Moffatt, assistant... Read more →